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    What is a Notary Public?

    It is a person appointed by the state government, responsible for attesting the signing of important documents and taking oaths.
    Why are some documents notarized?
    To avoid fraud. A Notary Public as an impartial witness, ensures that those who sign the documents are the legitimate and non-impostor people. It also guarantees that the signatories understand the content of the document and voluntarily sign it. In a society where business among foreigners is more common, notaries produce a security at the social level that allows you to exchange documents and have a confidence in their authenticity.
    Can any document be legalized?
    For a document to be legalized, it must have: 1) a text that commits the signatory in some way, 2) an original signature (not a photocopy) made before the Notary Public at the time of legalization, 3) a notarized "certificate" Which may appear in the same document or on an attached sheet. The Notary Public completes the certificate, signs it, and then applies its seal to complete the legalization.
    Is the notarization of documents required by law?
    For several documents, if it is. Certain affidavits, deeds of property and other documents will have no legal effect unless they are properly notarized.
    How much are Notary Public services?
    Fees vary - from $ 15 - according to state law.
    How does the Notary Public identify the signer?
    Usually the Notary Public asks for a photo identification card, physical description and a signature. A driver's license, military ID or passport is normally acceptable.
    Is it a "true" or "legal" document if you are notarized?
    No. Notaries Public are not responsible for verifying the accuracy or legality of notarized documents. Notaries Public confines themselves to certifying the identity of the signatories, who are solely responsible for the content of the document.
    Can a Notary Public give legal advice or draft legal documents?
    Definitely not. A Notary Public is strictly prohibited from drafting legal documents for others or acting as legal counsel, unless you are also a lawyer. Those who violate this law, may receive a fine and / or be imprisoned for exercising the profession of lawyer without being authorized.
    Can a Notary Public complete immigration documents?
    There are few immigration documents that need to be notarized, including the Affidavit of Support (I-134).
    Can a Notary Public prepare or advise on immigration documents?
    US Citizenship Services And Immigration (USCIS) state that no one can arrange or deliver documents of another person other than an attorney or an "Accredited Representative" by the US Department of Justice. Persons who are not lawyers or accredited may provide clerical, secretarial or assist in translating USCIS documents, provided no advice or interpretation of the documents is given. The Judicial System has stated that when a person who is not a lawyer, selects the legal documents to complete, constitutes the unauthorized exercise of law.
    Can a Notary Public refuse to render their services to a particular person?
    Only if the Notary Public is not sure of the identity of the signer, general goodwill or fitness or if you have a good reason to suspect fraud. Notaries Public should not refuse to serve any person based on race, religion, nationality, lifestyle or because the person is not a client. Any form of discrimination is an incorrect policy for a public servant.
    How does a US Notary Public differ? With a term of Notario Publico?
    A US Notary Public Is not the same as a Latino (Notario Publico). . In Latin America, a Notary Public is a high-ranking official such as a judge or a lawyer. Unlike the Notary Public, the US Notary Public. You are prohibited from preparing legal documents or advising on immigration or other matters, unless you are also a lawyer.
    Where can I report illegal, improper or suspicious acts of a Notary Public?
    Any wrongdoing or illegal activity should be reported to the police or state regulatory office for Notaries Public.

Do you need to notarize a document?
You must present your official identification, current with photograph. The person who will sign the document has to come in person before the Notary Public can not come someone else by the interested one.
If you do not have any identification or your identification is expired and you are urged to notarize your document then you have to bring two witnesses with Identification exclusively from California.
If you bring your document you must bring it fully filled, you do not have to sign it until you are in front of Notary Public and you identify yourself satisfactorily.
We do not check if your document is well filled or correct or incorrect, we only certify your signature when we place the seal.
We do not offer mobile service, that is, we do not go to notarize documents, all notarization is done in the office.

We also write and translate documents such as:

  • • Civil Marriage
  • • Translation of Birth Records for Immigration purposes.
  • • Translation of Death Certificates.
  • • Translation of Marriage Records.
  • • General Affidavits.
  • • Translation of Police Reports from abroad.
  • • Translation of Medical Certificates.
  • • Translation of Foreign Identification.
  • • Power attorney letters.
  • • Mutual Agreements - Notary Contracts.
  • • Temporary custody for minors.
  • • Travel authorizations for minors.
  • • Letters of Invitation for persons in processes of consular visa-Visa of Tourist.